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ATV Laws in Ontario


The following laws and regulations regarding ATVs and the province of Ontario have been collected from government websites and compiled for your convenience. Please check the MTO office for any updates on government websites.

What sort of drivers license do  I need?

  • All rider must wear a helmet
  • G2/G Drivers license
  • M2/M Motorcycle license
  • Must have valid permit in exempt area

Where can I and can I not travel on my ATV?
You cannot drive your ATV on the 400 series highways, Queen Elizabeth Way and most areas of the Trans-Canada highway.
Click Here for a list of all highways permitted to All-Terrain vehicles (Ontario Regulation 316/03). Drive your ATV on the shoulder of the road, not the media or "rights of way" . You are to drive on same side of the road as other cars going your direction, and may not carry a passenger. Check with your municipality for specific details.

Also remember that you cannot drive your ATV on private property. Do not just assume that since you have seen ATVs on the trail, that's it's not private property. These users may be part of a club that contributes to clearing trails. The best thing to do would be to join the closest ATV club in your area and have another rider show you around. There may be trails that are unsafe, or certain areas that require caution that you'll want to know about. If you see a closed gate, chances are the trail is closed. Don't assume that it is closed off only to non-members, as it may be closed for safety reasons. It is against the law to disrupt or destroy the natural environment including fish, habitats, property and flora or fauna. Ask first!

How fast can I go on my ATV?
On the road you can go 20km/h where the speed limit is 50km or less and 50km/h where the speed limit is over 50km/h.
On trails, take caution as branches may fall suddenly, animals may jump out or another ATV could be coming from a branch of the trail. Take account of weather conditions as well. Trails can change quickly with rain, or snow. Remember if the weather gets very cold, your feet and hands are going to react slower. Dress appropriately!

Here is a list of offenses you should avoid while riding atvs in Ontario.

Ontario Regulation 316/03 under the Highway Traffic Act


Column 1

Column 2


Unlawfully drive ORV on highway

section 2


Drive ORV on Schedule A highway

section 3


Drive ORV on Schedule B highway

subsection 4 (1)


Drive ATV with passenger on Schedule B highway

subsection 4 (2)


ORV — weight over 450 kg

subsection 7 (1)


ORV — width over 1.35 m

subsection 7 (2)


ORV — tires not low pressure bearing

section 8


ORV — fail to meet safety standards

section 9


Pre-2002 ORV — fail to meet equipment and performance standards

subsection 10 (1)


Post-2001 ORV — fail to meet equipment and performance standards

subsection 10 (2)


ORV — equipment missing

section 11


ORV — equipment not operating properly

section 11


ORV — improper braking system

section 12


ORV — not equipped with required lamps

subsection 13 (1)


ORV — lamps not lit

subsection 13 (2)


ORV — front lamps aimed improperly

subsection 13 (4)


ORV — no rear stop lamp

subsection 13 (5)


ORV — reflex reflectors missing

subsection 13 (7)


ORV — reflex reflectors fail to meet standards

subsection 13 (8)


ORV — improper windshield

section 14


ORV — driver's view obstructed

subsection 15 (1)


ORV — driver's view obstructed by trailer or load

subsection 15 (2)


ORV — no permit

subsection 16 (1)


ORV — no number plate

subsection 16 (1)


ORV — number plate improperly displayed

subsection 16 (1)


Drive ORV — no insurance

section 17


Drive ORV — no driver's licence

section 18


Drive ORV — fail to wear proper helmet

section 19


ORV — speeding — more than 20 km/h where limit is 50 km/h or less

clause 22 (1) (a)


ORV — speeding — more than 50 km/h where limit is over 50 km/h

clause 22 (1) (b)


ORV — fail to drive on shoulder

subsection 24 (1)


ORV — fail to drive in same direction as traffic

subsection 24 (1)


ORV — fail to drive on roadway at level railway crossing

subsection 24 (3)


ORV — fail to drive in same direction as traffic at level railway crossing

subsection 24 (3)


ORV — fail to drive at right edge of shoulder

subsection 24 (4)


ORV — fail to drive at right edge of roadway

subsection 24 (5)


ORV — fail to yield when entering shoulder or roadway

subsection 24 (6)


ORV — enter shoulder or roadway when not safe

subsection 24 (6)


ORV — drive on median strip

subsection 24 (7)


ORV — drive in designated construction zone

subsection 24 (8)


ORV — drive on highway under construction or maintenance

subsection 24 (8)


ORV — drive adjacent to closed highway

subsection 24 (9)


ORV — pass other vehicle improperly

subsection 24 (10)


ORV — improper start position for left turn

subsection 24 (13)


ORV — improper movement at end of left turn

subsection 24 (14)

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